Dare2Care is an Ohio-based nonprofit organization dedicated to uniting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight youth in the Greater Cleveland community. Dare2Care’s mission is to provide sponsored teens and teachers with a variety of transformative and leadership development opportunities creating fair-minded leaders willing to educate others about identity and to raise awareness of bullying. The organization aims to create communities free of harassment, brutality and indifference toward LGBT youths.

Dare2Care was the 2015 and 2016 recipient of The Prosper Project, which is pro bono work provided by Prosper for Purpose to a cause or nonprofit in a start-up phase.

Services Provided

Public Relations
Social Media


To increase awareness of the organization, help define the brand, and build a community of supporters to educate the Northeast Ohio community about identity and LGBTQ bullying prevention.


Strengthen the local brand identity through public relations and communications.


  • Develop a strong social media presence that provides educational and inspirational materials to Dare2Care supporters
  • Create and advise a strong Board of Directors to lead the organization to success
  • Media list development and outreach
  • Press release distribution
  • Event promotion


Over a 12-month period, Prosper for Purpose was able to yield the following results for Dare2Care’s social media channels:


  • Total followers increased by 151%
  • Number of messages sent increased by 777%
  • Engagements increased by more than 900%
  • Impressions per tweet increased by 91%


  • Total fans increased by 3%
  • 219,581 total impressions


  • Total followers increased by 62%
  • Number of media sent increased by 577%