Paula Kampf Joins Prosper for Purpose

CLEVELAND (February 26, 2015) – Prosper for Purpose, the strategic marketing and development company, today announced that Paula Kampf, MA, CAPP, has joined its Curated Collaborative™ as the director of organizational development.

“Paula will lead organizations and their employees in creating a culture of engaged, energized purpose and effectiveness,” explained Lorraine Schuchart, APR, founder and CEO of Prosper for Purpose. “Prosper works with corporate and nonprofit clients to build successful brands. We know that it is difficult to build a successful brand if your internal stakeholders aren’t happy. Leaders who really want their organizations to flourish need to cultivate internal engagement and effectiveness for the benefit of their customers as well as their own success. This addition to our service line allows us to empower our clients to succeed on multiple levels, more comprehensively and holistically than ever before.”

By way of creative, interactive experiences, Kampf empowers clients to create and sustain flourishing workplaces that in turn more powerfully provide the mission-driven, purposeful work that they do for their customers, essentially creating upward spirals of purpose and prosperity. Kampf uses scientifically proven tools and trainings for increased success and sustainability to clients who want their workplaces to not just survive, but thrive. Schuchart says the program will be called Prosper with Purpose.

Kampf brings a wealth of insight and experience to the Prosper for Purpose team, with a B.A. in Communications and Theatre Arts from Notre Dame College, and an M.A. in Ministry from Ursuline College. She is one of the first 100 people to earn a Certificate of Applied Positive Psychology from The Flourishing Center in New York City. She is the founder and CEO of Meaningful Matters Incorporated, and a facilitator of SOMO (Social Emotional) Leadership labs.

“Paula’s work in fields as diverse as journalism, theater, nonprofit management, social justice and end-of-life care all intersect in work that empowers people to live purposeful, flourishing lives,” says Schuchart. “She is the perfect person to bring this much needed service to the community. For Prosper, it truly completes our brand engagement process.”

“I am honored to join Prosper for Purpose,” said Kampf. “My personal and professional values certainly align with the do well and do good philosophy on which the company was founded. I am excited to initiate this new line of services that perfectly complements the external-branding services already offered. What I know is that people really want to do work that is meaningful, and to contribute to a greater-good in their careers. And organizations want their employees to be engaged in effective, purposeful ways that benefit everyone involved. That’s what it means to create thriving, flourishing cultures inside an organization. We do simple things to shift experience, behavior, and communication, and everyone in the organization benefits. Everyone wins. That’s what it means when we say that Prosperity is an inside job.”

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