Jenny Kelley Joins Prosper for Purpose; Kelley Green Web to Merge with Prosper

CLEVELAND (May 21, 2015) – Prosper for Purpose has announced that Jenny Kelley, founder and CEO of Kelley Green Web, has joined Prosper for Purpose as Vice President, Brand & Business Development and plans to merge her company with Prosper. Kelley Green Web is a successful communications and development firm started in 2007; Prosper for Purpose is an award-winning public relations and development company that launched in 2013.

“Jenny and I share a passion for building successful brands, and a commitment to contributing to community health and wealth in Northeast Ohio,” explained Lorraine Schuchart, APR, founder and CEO of Prosper for Purpose.

“We have long been fans of each other’s work had been looking for ways to collaborate,” said Kelley. “A recent opportunity to team up on client projects helped us realize that our shared values and the complementary strengths of our businesses could lead to deeper synergies. Lorraine was growing Prosper and I was ready for a change.”

Kelley brings eight years’ experience as a CEO of her own company to Prosper. As an innovative entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability, a mind for theory and a drive for positive change, Kelley has built a reputation on her ability to design and implement collaborative strategies for action that have helped contribute to economic and community revitalization in Northeast Ohio.

“Jenny has high standards of excellence and a keen aesthetic. She takes a unique approach to brand building and focuses on creating a stellar and valuable experience for clients and helping them do the same for their customers” reported Schuchart. “And Prosper will benefit greatly from Jenny’s ability to develop systems and processes, not to mention from how sincerely she seeks out socially, environmentally and economically responsible solutions.”

“Honestly, I feel a sense of relief — a bit of a burden has lifted by joining Prosper for Purpose,” said Kelley. “Owning a small business is a tall and lonely order. I’m a single mom with a young son and I’m spread so thin. I’m unbelievably blessed to have found a like-minded thought partner in Lorraine. Now we can combine the resources of our firms to maximize our reach and impact. Together we can better pursue our passions and help our company and others ‘prosper for purpose.’”

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