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Purpose Fuel

Heartwood Roastery: For the Love of Coffee

It’s Tuesday morning and Nick Edmundson of Heartwood Coffee Roastery is making his rounds. He’s delivering our custom ‘Purpose Fuel’ coffee blend. Heartwood roasts their organic fair trade beans on Monday and Thursday, and delivers it the next day to ensure their superior quality coffee is ultra fresh. This in-person connection is unique and part of the reason we love Heartwood Roastery.

Nearly two years ago, Nick didn’t know the difference between quality coffee and store-bought K-cups. But, his coffee-loving friend, Jim Sanders, expanded his horizons. As a wedding photographer, Nick brought entrepreneurial spirit to the table while Jim—a plumber for most of his life—brought his love of coffee and can-do attitude to their partnership. The two decided they could start a business.

Originally, Nick and Jim wanted to start a cafe, but with the cost of overhead so high they decided the time wasn’t quite right. So, they started roasting their coffee in Jim’s garage in Burton, Ohio. Once they got their name and heavenly coffee out there the company blew up. By attending events in Cleveland and interacting with the community, the loyalty to and demand for Heartwood Roastery coffee grew so much that Nick and Jim are opening a bricks and mortar store in Hudson, Ohio.

We asked Nick why they decided on the name Heartwood Roastery.

“Honestly, we were just throwing a bunch of different names around. Somehow Heartwood came up and we both liked it. Jim and I both love the outdoors and love the name. After researching what Heartwood is (the part of a tree that delivers all the nutrients to the rest of the tree) we loved it even more and it really fit what we were going for. We really had a vision of community and just a fun environment for everyone when we started the company. When we came up with the business name and our slogan, “Grow Together,” it fit right in with the name Heartwood, sticking to the whole nature/tree vibe. Oh, and coffee grows on a tree, too!”

Heartwood consistently sources the best coffee from around the globe, roasting beans from Ethiopia to Columbia—anywhere on the equator where coffee is grown. All coffee is handpicked at the perfect time, to ensure the standards of high quality they have come to produce, and roasted specifically to achieve the desired flavor. Even the highest quality coffee can be compromised if roasted incorrectly. This is why Heartwood Roastery puts so much love and effort into roasting their coffee.

Heartwood launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to help open their new shop. With a few days left to go they have already surpassed their goal. They are looking to make the cafe a comfortable, fun destination. Whether it’s for a date, a study session, or just to spend some time sipping good coffee, they want the shop to be a place for customers to stop by and enjoy.

Nick knows that serving good coffee is one thing, but creating a great atmosphere and educating people about their coffee is another ball game. And they are up for the challenge.

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