Account Manager

With more than eight years of industry experience in content and digital marketing, Laura proudly serves as Prosper's account manager, overseeing strategic implementation and tactical execution for all clients. In addition, she is responsible for maintaining client relationships, content creation, digital marketing campaigns, social media accounts, and more.
As a professional writer, Laura's work has appeared in various publications including Ohio Magazine, Organic Spa Magazine, EcoWatch, YES! Magazine, The Establishment, and others. 
A Toledo, Ohio, native, Laura has lived in Cleveland since 2011.  After starting her career in magazine editing and publishing, she made the natural transition to marketing as the industry adapted to a changing landscape. Laura's passions lie in social justice and environmental conservation. She and her husband have a dog named Basil and a cat named Taco and are constantly working on home and garden improvements. Laura graduated with a degree in English—Creative Writing from Ohio University in 2009.