Prosper For Purpose

Our Name

Our company name is based on our founder’s philosophy that mission (purpose) is the foundation for success (prosperity). 

Our Logo

The concept for the Prosper for Purpose logo was inspired by the interests and the values infused in the Prosper for Purpose business philosophy. The overall shape of the logo is circular, exemplifying a connection to the world around us. Within this circular frame, one can see three distinct shapes; a sprouting leaf, the image of a person with an outstretched arm and the letter “P” in the negative space between.

Each shape represents an aspect of Prosper for Purpose and conveys meaning. The sprouting leaf is a symbol of growth, a connection to nature. This growth is a founding principle and a defining characteristic of our company and ties to our values of creativity and life-long learning.

The image which can be seen as a person with an outstretched arm pays tribute to the giving and guiding aspects of Prosper for Purpose. It ties to our values of people, inclusiveness, and giving back. Additionally, the shape symbolizes a sense of joy – which emanates from people who are pursuing their passions. Passion is also a value of our company.

Lastly, the letter “P” which can be found in the negative space in the middle of the logo represents the Prosper for Purpose business name. This letter helps to define the other distinctive shapes within the circular shape while standing strongly on its own… just as Prosper for Purpose aims to do with its clients. The negative space itself also symbolizes our value of integrity; being transparent in our practices.

There is strength and simplicity in the Prosper for Purpose logo – a fitting tribute to the people-focused values which always stand the test of time.