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In addition to our core team, Prosper for Purpose has curated an additional talented team of seasoned professionals with complementary areas of specialization to collaborate on projects on an as-needed basis. Like a cooperative workspace but by invitation only, these individuals make Prosper projects a priority, but are also working on solo projects.  This means we don’t pass unnecessary overhead costs on to our clients, but can bring the right combination of people, technology and services together to meet the needs of each individual project. Our founder calls this the Curated Collaborative®.

Here's how the Curated Collaborative® service works:

Prosper for Purpose connects our clients with professionals in different fields whose expertise complements their needs. When we identify a client need, we turn to our group of curated professionals and determine the best fit for the project. We then we open our office doors to create a collaborative space where we can meet and work jointly on projects.

While not officially members of Prosper, we consider these professionals extensions of our team, and we’re always looking for ways to build on their experiences. We work with our curated team to identify new opportunities for them outside of our projects.

We’re always open to adding new talent to the Curated Collaborative®. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

paula kampf

Paula J. Kampf, MA, CAPP

Organizational Development Consultant

heather mcginness

Heather R. McGinness, CNM, CFRE

Fundraising Consultant

Lisa Sands, APR, M.S.

Senior Consultant