PFP 2016 Impact Report FA - Speaking Engagements-2

Speaking Engagements

We love sharing our story, inspiring others,
and engaging with our peers and other professionals.
Employees were pleased to speak at events like
Engage! Cleveland’s Young Professionals
Workshop and PRSA Greater Cleveland’s
Student Day.

PFP 2016 Impact Report - Volunteering


Team Prosper donated more than 220 hours of
paid time off to charities such as the Medina
County SPCA and Dare2Care. Employees also
gave their time and talents to the Greater
Cleveland PRSA executive officer team and
the Engage! Cleveland Leadership Council.

PFP 2016 Impact Report - 12 Months of Giving

12 Months of Giving

In December 2016, we launched our monthly pro
bono program which provides one nonprofit a
month with three hours of strategic consulting
and online promotion — all for free!

PFP 2016 Impact Report - Employee Development

Employee Development

Helping employees shape their future is one way to
keep our team strong. We invest in personal
development plans, and reimburse team members
who attend education seminars or professional
training sessions.

PFP 2016 Impact Report - Donations


We are committed to serving and enhancing the
communities in which we work and live. That’s
why we organized a donation drive for the West
Side Catholic Center, and sponsored The Edna
House for Women Recovery Race and the
Lakewood Farmers Market.

PFP 2016 Impact Report - Awards


For the third year in a row, we received Greater
Cleveland PRSA “Cleveland Rocks Awards” for
outstanding PR programs. It was an honor to
create client campaigns for Dare2Care, Hattie
Larlham and the West Side Catholic Center and
watch them succeed.

PFP 2016 Impact Report - Certified B Corp

Certified B Corp

One of our most important stories began on February
4, 2016, when we became a certified B Corp and
committed to being a force for good. We love being
the first nonprofit consulting and fundraising
agency in the State of Ohio to receive this status.

PFP 2016 Impact Report - Prosper Project

Prosper Project

Each year we provide pro bono work to a cause or
nonprofit in a start-up phase. This year’s recipient
was Dare2Care,a nonprofit founded in Cleveland,
Ohio, dedicated to empowering high school students
to prevent the bullying of LGBTQ youth.

PFP 2016 Impact Report - Telecommuting

Telecommuting and Flex Schedules

Work-life balance is essential. That’s why our
employees are able to work away from the office or shift
schedules when necessary to care for children, travel,
or just find a quiet space in which to write, plan or think.

PFP 2016 Impact Report - Environmental Efforts

Environmental Efforts

Besides planting trees on Earth Day and taking part
in other eco-friendly events, we also joined 1% for
the Planet and committed to donating one percent
of our annual revenue to nonprofits dedicated to
environmental conservation and sustainability.

PFP 2016 Impact Report - Best Practices

Best Practices

Collaboration is key when it comes to supporting a
global business community. We’re happy to share
solutions, ideas and best practices with solo
entrepreneurs, small businesses and
nonprofits alike.

PFP 2016 Impact Report - Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment

It’s important to measure the social impact of
clients and their campaigns. We completed our
first assessment for Home Matters, a program that
focuses on big picture messaging for the housing
and community development industry.